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Mintlayer is a bitcoin sidechain for asset tokenization and smart contracts, designed to deliver a truly bitcoin-centric DeFi experience that doesn’t compromise on scalability, trustlessness or interoperability. It achieves this with a Bitcoin-like UTXO architecture which also uses the same scripting language as Bitcoin, enabling peer-to-peer swaps between both blockchains.

Mintlayer has unique features which facilitate the compliant issuance and trading of security tokens, as well as the creation of Monero-like confidential tokens and NFTs, with the irreversibility of all transactions ultimately secured by Bitcoin’s proof-of-work. Additionally, Mintlayer also introduces the first free market for gas payments, allowing users to pay for transaction fees using any token as long as it is accepted by block signers, and introduces multi-currency functionality to the Lightning Network.

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Enrico Rubboli
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