Sheltersuit is a non-profit organization providing immediate shelter to the homeless, while using upcycled materials and providing jobs.

Bas Timmer Founder of Sheltersuit
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Worldwide, millions of people are forced to sleep outside in the cold. That number is growing by the minute. Poverty, mental illness, unexpected loss of jobs, natural disasters, and wars are the top causes of homelessness around the world.

Sheltersuit Foundation was created to help the people in need, believing that every human being deserves warmth, protection and dignity. To reach that goal, in 2014 the Sheltersuit was created, which is a wind- and waterproof coat that can be transformed into a sleeping bag. It is a product designed for people in need that, for whatever reason, have to survive the harsh conditions that come with living on the streets. The Sheltersuit is provided free of charge to homeless people and refugees, as Sheltersuit’s mission is purely to help them survive.

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